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 厂  址:  浙江省上虞市百官路东工业区
网  址:  www.tydbz.com
邮  箱:  tydbz@yahoo.cn
销售部一:  广州市广园西路121号二楼31
电话/TEL:  86-20-61145205  手机/Mob:86-20-13798018018(汤经理)
传真/FAX:  86-20-62151376
Q      Q:      120605801         MSN:tbnzty@hotmail.com
销售部二:  广州市白云区云城西路888号绿地中心1009室
电话/TEL:   86-20-36718180/37157986   手机/Mob:86-20-13794389884
传真/FAX:   86-20-36139848
Q      Q:      1187384581        MSN:tydbz@hotmail.com  

For the convenience of the customers, we have a sales office and exhibition hall in Guangzhou. A group of professional and knowledge-based sales and design teams will provide 24 hours of professional service for you.

Innovation is the root of our continuous development. Our company has a professional design department, and we continue to develop and produce new products for the choice of old and new customers. Our product through ISO9001 and other related certification, please rest assured to choose.

For a long time, we rely on first-class products, first-class service and moderate price, which are well received by our customers.

Honesty is the basis of our business.
Quality service is the foundation of our survival.
Win-win is our permanent commitment.

If you have any questions, please call our 24 hour service phone:13798018018